Technology and Education

“Technology Empowered Classrooms”

We offer Computer Aided Teaching and learning through smart class using plasma screens with Smart Assessment System (SAS) in all the classes (Nursery to X).

SAS is a unique tool which instantly allows the teacher to assess and evaluate the learning achieved by the students. The system is designed for the students to answer multiple choice questions in the classroom. Students answer the test with a hand held remote by pressing the appropriate button. The data pertaining to each student is stored and the application allows the teacher to generate a wide range of reports with respect to the whole class and for each individual student as well.  SAS will benefit students in the long run by increasing their speed and mental alertness during exams. Through the internet, teachers connect to information resources far beyond the physical benefits of the classroom and bring the virtual world within the walls of the classroom. Thus, exponentially increasing the knowledge base for practical teaching and learning.