Mr. Jayantilal Thacker

Doon Public school, Bhuj aspires to develop a center of excellence in the educational arena for emerging as a socially conscious school with global distinction by providing the advanced level of teaching, research and capacity building in the global context with the ethnicity of truth, sharing and caring for others. The focus is to equip Doonites to realize his/her potential by focusing on scholastic achievement, co-scholastic accomplishment and the development of appropriate life skills required for facing any future challenge.

We promote technological advancements along with a perfect blend of human values and global culture. We believe education is an inclusive process thus we are sensitive to the suggestions of parents and flexible to accept all meaningful evolution in the educational progression.

Best Regards

Mr. Avnish Thacker


The aim of the school apart from imparting quality education to the students is also to bring about their overall development. We impart an educational environment that lays stress on character building and teamwork. It infuses among our students a spirit of adventure, fair play, and justice thereby producing model citizens who are proud of their cultural heritage and have risen above social, communal, religious and provincial prejudices.

We encourage and assist our students to adapt and evolve with the changing demands of an ever dynamic society and yet firmly uphold their basic values and standards.

We strive to inculcate among our students the spirit of Truth. The motto of Our School is ‘WHERE EXCELLENCE IS A HABIT’.

Best Regards


Mr. Dipesh Thacker

Mrs. Neha Thacker


Mrs. Neha Dipesh Thacker & Mrs. Hemali Nitin Keshwani are our patrons. Both these ladies play a pivotal role in inspiring the staff members and take personal care of their grooming and wide-ranging upliftment. They serve as a guiding light, shepherding one and all at Doon with care and tenacity along the path of advancement and growth.