Holistic Education

Every child is more than a future employee; every person’s intelligence and abilities are far more complex than his or her scores on standardized tests.

Holistic knowledge allows children to grow into confident, competent and caring individuals, capable of making a meaningful contribution to their family, society and the world they grow up into.

At Doon Public School, we facilitate Holistic Learning by allowing children to interact and connect to various activities and real life situations with people from different walks of life to inculcate values such as compassion and peace.

Doon Public School, emphasizes self-knowing and honoring who they are, learning to set realistic and achievable goals, and to retrospect, regularly examining the path they have taken to achieve their goals. Holistic learning honors life experience, both achievements and road blocks, with a focus on both what went well and what didn’t go as plan. Doon Public School Bhuj, believes that learning is in everything they do and self-reflection is the key to understanding themselves and becoming happy and strong adults.

Academic Excellence
Personality Development
Universal Value & Ethics
Sports Excellence
Creativity and Innovation
Community and Care
Visual and Performing Arts
Entrepreneurship & Leadership
Skill Development