Doon Public School places high importance on the health and safety of its staff and students. Not only is this important for the general well-being of each individual child, but children who are healthy and happy are likely to derive maximum benefit from the academic and pastoral programmes offered by the school.

Our objectives:

  • Early detection of any deviation from normal health that may hinder a child from benefiting fully from his/her education.
  • Prompt treatment of any disease or condition, with the aim of restoring good health within the shortest possible time.
  • On-going treatment and support for children and staff with chronic medical conditions.
  • Regular health appraisal of school children and school personnel.
  • Health education and information on relevant topics.
  • Active involvement in other school activities, both within and outside the school, where emergency care or our medical expertise may be required.

Infirmary/ Sick Room

“Children’s Health is Our Wealth!”

A child is not only nurtured to grow into an intelligent and a perfect human being, but also he/she  is equally looked after to grow up physically fit and strong! To ensure the same, we have in house trained staffs who act sportingly in case of medical emergency.

Eyes and dental check-ups are conducted once a year. Health records are maintained and handed over to the parents to keep them updated about their wards health. In addition, a stand by vehicle is always ready to transport anyone in need of additional attention.