Pastoral Care

Teenage Counseling Sessions

The aim of counselling at Doon is to provide a healthy Emotional, Social, Educational and Personal support to our teenage children. Counselling services are provided to children so that they understand themselves better and are empowered and resilient to deal with difficult situations in life. The school has a dedicated team of special members that includes a professional counselor and Psychotherapist who expertise in child mental health.

The school has devoted a room for counselling and remedial academic work, named ‘Healing Zone’. The children come and discuss their concerns and resolve their deep issues through Play Therapy and Disclosure techniques.

Doon facilitate inclusion of children with special needs to maximize educational options with support of special educators.

The school also organises Career Counseling Workshops and Life skill education workshops for students.
All such workshops and programs are free of cost for all students as an integral part of daily curriculum.