Affiliation and Acc.

Our Associations & Achievements

British Council

School is accredited with British council since 2013. Our students participate in most
of activities organised by British Council. Our involvement with the organisation is
supporting us to reach the vision and mission of the school.

International school partnerships, student exchange programmes, virtual tour, field visits, research-based projects of international dimensions are some of the activities accomplished in this case. With the constant and rigorous efforts School has also won prestigious International School Award in 2015.

United School Organisation of India

Associated with agency is since an inception. School conducts GK quiz exams every year to improve the knowledge of students.

Science Olympiad Foundation

Every year more than 800 registrations are made for different Olympiads. Every year school conducts level -II exam for all the schools of Kutch district. School manages all the expenditure for the same.

Green School Foundation

Doon aims to kindle the spirit of environment conservation among school students. With Green School Programme , we seek to foster environmental literacy by moving beyond theories and textbooks and focus on “doing”. The programme helps schools to audit the use of natural resources, provides them the methodology to assess themselves as environmental managers and plug the identified gaps. Every year school students conduct an in house audit to ensure the management of resources, Measuring of garbage collected (Maths); Composting Methods (Biology); Narrative report (proficiency in English); Online submission (computer application); Waste Management Campaign (Civics/ Social Studies),etc.