Art & Craft Room

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and last you create what you will.”


At Doon the Art studio is an active place where a child opens up his heart to realize his own self as a variety and exposure is offered in Art with  a wide range of mediums, and techniques such as, water color, poster colors,  oil pastels, collages with waste material and pieces of fabric, printing, constructions with cloth and paper, clay modeling, terracotta,  in plaster and wood,  screen printing,paper recycling and tie & dye and batik.  add zest to Activity time from pre-primary through grade X students; participate in learning environments that enable them to develop creative personal expression and an aesthetic response to global heritage.


The Art classes allow students to grow in their knowledge of the elements and principles of Art.  Art History, esthetics and the art of criticism is explored.  Students also help with the annual day, Christmas and other celebrations each year. 


Doon Public School hosts an “Arts Spectacular” every spring.