Vision & Mission


Our vision is building exceptional human being who will make positive difference to society through competence, conscience and compassion. In order to implement the vision, all the dedicated members of our school are working relentlessly to develop the best of the best academic environment.


The school aims to provide sound education and special attention to the all round development of its pupils including their physical well being, cleanliness and responsibilities as good human beings. Students coming from varied backgrounds live and work together in concord in the campus.

All efforts are made to inculcate the importance of academic excellence, discipline, punctuality, good manners and development of scientific aptitude.

It is the continuous effort to develop the feeling of universal brotherhood for peaceful co-existence in the diversified globalized world.

The school also aims to build up a global citizen by developing the qualities of religious tolerance, acceptance, patience and the attitude to live and let others live peacefully to survive in the competitive world, not only while studying, but also after that.

In fact we strive to draw out the best out of each individual to give him/her own recognition and to help him/her excel in all spheres of life.