Message from Chairman - Mr. Nitin Keshwani

Warmest Welcome!!!

Doon Public School, Bhuj was instituted by a group of Bhuj executives and entrepreneurs. The founding objective is to give students from every background and every part of Kutch the chance to succeed and celebrate individual talents.

“The function of Doon is to allow every youngster who attends to become a star, to become a champion and to be the best they can be,”

We pioneers decided to create a school that would attract students and imbue them with the entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility of mind, habits and attitudes of world-ready global citizens. We are dedicated to creating a co-educational, secular and independent school in Kutch.

“We really wanted a family-oriented school with parent involvement, children that want to be here – and we are dedicated to what we call the ‘three-legged stool’ of arts, athletics and academics (and since then the fourth leg of character),”

We decisively insist that each individual at Doon develop his or her own passions and that faculty and staff would help them reach their best potential

The school gives each student the chance to be researchers, artists, team leaders and team mates, authors, performers and more. The environment is one that nurtures individual skills and yet gives an overall education; in addition giving everybody the opportunity to be a success.

Doon Public School, Bhuj, not only aspires to live up to the founding vision, but also exceeds it and continues to innovate curriculum that creates tomorrow’s leaders.

Message from Vice Chairman - Er. Dipesh Thacker

Education can make the dreams true. I firmly believe if a person knows her/his potential, then reaching excellent level in desired arena becomes easy and comfortable. We daily lay emphasis on building the student-centric environment that enhances all-around development of our scholars.

I with my team members endeavor to bring global standard and improvement in academic curriculum that impart right knowledge and boost the confident level in our student, so that they can perform the best in any realm they choose.

Message from the Principal’s desk - Mrs. Sarika Sharma

Education is a key ingredient in making life beautiful. As a school’s principal, I mostly encourage our teachers to never stop learning & innovating because when anyone stops learning, then all her/his skills become worthless.

We invest all our efforts and time to enrich the children's skills and boost their capabilities. But, this is not enough without parents’ contribution. Therefore, I request you to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes with your kids and try to know about her/his day in the school. You should not only consider their homework or results, but also be aware of their friends and the problems they are having in school. Moreover, motivate your child to be punctual.

It is also requested that all the parents should attend the Parent-Teacher Meetings. If there is any problem, then you are most welcome to meet the teachers by appointment. It is important that you should inform the class teachers about change in your contact information.

You can share your suggestion by dropping an email (ID is mentioned on the contact page) or sending them addressed to “The Principal, Doon Public School, Madhapar, Bhuj, Gujarat”. We make sure that necessary action will be taken as early as possible.


Wish you all a successful and a great experience at Doon Public School.